About Kendra

How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you get started?

3 years.  I started CF because I was 200# and led an unhealthy lifestyle.  My first workouts were P90x and Insanity in my living room and it was hard to find motivation.  Group fitness classes seemed super intimidating but a friend finally convinced me to try a class.  I was instantly addicted!


 Certs, degree, athletic achievements etc…

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

  • CF level 1

  • CF level 2

  • CF endurance

  • CF weightlifting

  • Many ½ marathons, a full marathon, multiple Bridger Ridge Runs


Favorite WOD and why?

Bear complex, because it makes me feel badass!


Favorite thing about coaching and what is my style?

 I can’t pick a single favorite, but here are my top five:

  • Picking and controlling the music

  • Observing athletes build confidence, not only inside the gym but in life!

  • Teaching someone a new skill, and watching them accomplish it

  • Switching a weight out for an athlete mid-WOD because they didn’t think they were strong enough. Sometimes I even switch the weights when they’re not looking, just to see their surprise at the end of the WOD.

  • Coaching is my outlet; a free pass to let loose, have fun, and build like-minded friends

My coaching style is constantly evolving – I’m constantly learning from our athletes.  Some people want positive encouragement and a cheerleader, while others want to be pushed.  Successful cues for one athlete might be ineffective for another.  


Are you available for personal training or available if I have questions?

I’d love to help new athletes learn the basic movements and assist in a smooth transition to regular crossfit classes.  Specifically for those intimidated by their perception of what Crossfit is.

What's my favorite quote or motivational saying?

  It’s not what they taught you, it’s how they made you feel.