At CrossFit Bozeman we have highly qualified coaches who are passionate about helping you become the healthiest individual you can be. Each of our coaches has had a life-changing experience due to CrossFit and we look forward to instilling those values in others. We feel very strongly that safe and efficient movement, proper technique, and layered in intensity will elicit the best results for each individual. We take time to break down movements and do our best to help each member get better every day. We take great pride in seeing our members relish in their success and accomplishments, it’s why we are here! With a strong community at the heart of our program, you are never alone at CrossFit Bozeman!


Bri Sands
Owner/Head Coach

My absolute favorite thing about coaching is watching an athletes mental transformation as they learn a new skill, or lift heavier than they thought they ever could, or watching them finish a WOD they deemed impossible before 3, 2, 1 go.  It is so awesome to watch them hold their head a bit higher as the minutes, hours, and days go by in their CrossFit journey…watching and coaching someone to become an ATHLETE never gets old!  



Justin Bartels

I love that coaching is a never ending process. There is always more to learn and perfect. As a coach, I really push for movement quality. I'll take a beautiful snatch at 135 over a terrible one at 225 any day. There are numerous ways to improve a movement beyond the weight on the bar. At the end of the day, I want you to be a better mover for life. It takes time and patience, but it's worth it.


Kendra Rehm

My coaching style is constantly evolving and I strive to offer individualized feedback to every athlete on a regular basis, which includes, positive encouragement while being pushed to your limits. My goal is to make you happier, healthier and better at life.


Abby Lee  

One of the things I love about CrossFit is that it helps people do things that they weren't able to do before. My favorite thing about coaching is being able to help people learn new skills and gain confidence.


Pete Oldenburg

The best part about coaching is seeing the growth within an athlete. Every athlete has different personal goals. There is no better feeling than seeing someone accomplish their goals. That is just the greatest feeling, I'd rather see an athlete PR than me.


Jubal Whitlock

My favorite thing about coaching is helping people learn something new. I always hope to be a helpful and knowledgeable coach, as well as maintaining a fun learning environment for everyone around.