Why CrossFit Bozeman?


Why CrossFit Bozeman?

You may be brand new to CrossFit and just checking it out for the first time, or you may be a CrossFit veteran that is looking for a gym you can excel at. Whichever category you are in, it is important that when choosing a CrossFit gym that you evaluate some key factors that we have listed below that we feel set us apart from other CrossFit gyms in the valley. it is important that you choose the gym that is the best fit for you and that will help you achieve your goals. We recognize that CrossFit facilities are very different then your traditional gym settings, and often each CrossFit can vary tremendously from one another. Although we strive to be the best, we realize that we might not be the best fit for everyone. 




Our programming is well balanced and not biased towards one aspect of fitness or another.  Some gyms have strength bias in their programming and some have a metabolic conditioning or endurance bias in their workouts. Some may predominately program short workouts, and some predominately long workouts. We focus on varying our programming as much as possible. We strive to incorporate all aspects on a weekly basis and constantly vary strength, metabolic conditioning, as well as vary the length of the workouts. Our goal is to always keep our members and their bodies guessing what is going to come next! This keeps our workout results from plateauing and the boredom effect from setting in. To see the workout of the day click here.

Our programming is intended for the general population and structured to help you achieve a well rounded level of  general physical preparedness. The workouts can be modified depending on your ability level and allow you to gain an increased fitness level to progress. Every day we have a sufficient warm-up to get you moving and active prior to starting the WOD. This warm up is specially programmed to coincide with the daily WOD. After the warm up we have a section of time specifically devoted to a skill or strength, helping you gain further knowledge and giving you time to work on developing those skills.


Unlike a traditional gym you will receive professional coaching and programming every time you come to the gym which requires you to come at a scheduled class time.  At CrossFit Bozeman we offer more total class times than any other CrossFit gym in the valley with 41 classes throughout the week to choose from and we are open 7 days a week. Our goal is to make CrossFit as accessible as it can be for you and your schedule.  We are always looking to add more classes to suit the needs of our athletes.


If you are new to CrossFit, this part of the gym may be very different to you as well. CrossFit workouts are designed to get you to push yourself with others and tends to develop a camaraderie among members. CrossFit Bozeman is not the place that you push your ear buds in and walk by nameless people everyday. We are not here to chat during a workout, but to work hard and to push and learn from each other. This is a place where you will get to know the other members and coaches more and more everyday.  These are the people who will be there with you to cheer you on when you are struggling, or to cheer you on an awesome day when you’re setting a personal record. At CrossFit Bozeman we encourage these relationships, as they help keep you accountable and wanting to come to the gym each day. We also have several social events throughout the year for the whole gym to get together and promote our CrossFit Bozeman community.  We pride ourselves on having an open, welcoming, and FUN facility. CrossFit is truly a community and you will often find our members hanging around after class to talk or planning events outside of the gym to bring us together. At CrossFit Bozeman you aren’t just joining a gym, you are becoming part of a greater family full of support, encouragement and acceptance.  Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages here.



Our coaches are CrossFitters. Most days you will have one of our coaches attending the class you workout at. We recognize the importance of group workouts for ourselves as well and encourage all of our coaches to attend classes. We expect our coaches to work hard for results just like our clients and to help to set an example. Our coaches are highly qualified and are always focusing on furthering their education through many other specialty certifications in addition to the CrossFit Level 1. Our coaches come from all different backgrounds and experiences and bring many different strengths to our group. Our excellent coaches know and understand the movement standards and can effectively and efficiently help you scale any movement. Lastly, our coaching team is a group of people who truly LOVE CrossFit and want to instill that same love in you!


You will find that CrossFit gyms vary greatly from traditional globo-gyms. You won’t find rows of cardio equipment and weight machines that only each perform just a few isolated actions. Instead you will find free weights, barbells, kettlebells, pull- up bars, dip bars, jump ropes, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, rowers, bikes etc. It is important that there is plenty of equipment for each class. At CrossFit Bozeman we pride ourselves in having a well stocked, organized, and clean gym full of equipment of all kinds.  And we are constantly buying new equipment for our athletes. Come see for yourself!