About Dan

How long have you been powerlifting, and how/why did you get started?

I've been competing as a powerlifter, on and off, since 2006. I got started because I was tiny, and, in true teen-angst, reasoned that having traps would solve all of my worldly problems.


 Certs, degree, athletic achievements etc…

  • I attended Washington State University for some kinesiology and movement study work, various anatomy, physiology, and biological science courses. I spent several years training alongside world-record holders, and, had the opportunity to spend several years working under and being trained by some of the most successful powerlifters in the world. 

  • I spent time in the WSU athletics program working with various team sports and athletes.  My wife, Andrea, was an outstanding collegiate thrower who competed in the Olympic trials, a nationally and internationally-ranked Highland athlete, and a Strength & Conditioning coach for Montana State University for many years.  I've have had the chance to learn from her, to train her, to coach her, and, to help out with her athletes when I could.

  • I have coached one full-time Crossfit athlete, Carrie Lynn Dudley, taking her from 77th in the Northwest Region to 6th, 1st in Montana, and qualifying for her Regionals debut in 2017.


Favorite lift, and why?

I hate all lifts, because everything on me hurts, all of the time.


Favorite thing about coaching and what is my style?

I'm a perfectionist, and, fairly competitive when it comes to strength and sport competitions.  My favorite thing about coaching is that it blends together art and science, and, allows me to spend my day in sweatpants and comfortable shoes.

My coaching style is intrinsically linked to the athlete and goal.  A mom who started crossfit to get in shape, who wants to move better and increase her strength would probably say I'm reasonably well behaved.  A competitive lifter who trained with me to become a trophy hunter would probably say I'm irritable, stubborn, direct, never satisfied, and infinitely picky.  I'd be fine accepting either description.


Are you available for personal training or available if I have questions?

Please contact me with questions at: Dan.Montague@gmail.com

I can be available for long-term, ongoing strength training, a few sessions of "tune up" or corrective work for various lifts, and for shorter-term strength training towards specific goals.  I am comfortable and confident in teaching all variations of the Squat, the Deadlift, the Bench Press, the Overhead Press, the Push Press, and in Olympic lifts; Snatch, Clean, Jerk. My schedule is fairly full, but, I can notify you in positions become available.  Drop me an email and let's talk.

I'd consider myself reasonably well rounded in terms of all things related to Strength, Mobility, Conditioning, and Athletics.  If you have any questions, absolutely get in touch!


What's my favorite quote or motivational saying?

"Details matter".

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